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About Gebeyhu

Gebeyhu began his career as a gardener, never expecting that his choices would lead him to a career as a personal travel guide and Amharic language teacher, but this is how one thing can lead to another.

While in secondary school, Gebeyhu got a job working as a gardener at a language school. He went on to become a student and then a teacher at the language school. Gebeyhu was asked to do some private tutoring in addition to his regular job, however. As his clientele increased, he was eventually able to leave the school in favour of private teaching.

In 2003, a friend suggested that he apply his skills with Habitat for Humanity as a team coordinator and guide. Gebeyhu worked for Habitat for four years, until 2007. Since that time, he has worked privately as a both a personal guide and Amharic teacher.

Gebeyhu is outgoing, personable, intelligent and curious. He loves children and he loves to share his Ethiopian homeland, culture and traditions with travellers.

Why a Personal Guide?

Although Ethiopia is relatively undeveloped for tourism, it is a relatively safe destination for Western travellers and it is very possible to go it alone. It is also possible to sign on with a tour company for an organized tour of some of the country's prime destinations.

Travelling with Gebeyhu as your personal guide provides the best of both options. When you travel with Gebeyhu, you will not have to worry about booking domestic flights, renting vehicles, renting hotel rooms or hiring local guides. All of this will be arranged for you according to your preferences.

However, while you enjoy the convenience, you will not be tied to the schedule of a tour group. Your trip will be custom-developed by you. See what you want to see, go where you want to go, much as if you are travelling on your own but with the tremendous advantage of Gebeyhu's knowledge of the language, country and customs.

Being Ethiopian, Gebeyhu can safely take you to places you would be unlikely to visit yourself, such as wandering into a banana grove to chat with the harvest crew, or dropping in on a roadside housewarming party. In short, travelling with a personal guide allows you to safely and easily see the country from outside of the tourist bubble. And it is quite possible you will make a life long friend as you go.

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